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Holder for Smartphone
Tetra Grip TG-SH1
Pole size : 16 - 36mm dia.
Size : 110 x 160 x 90mm
Weight : 325g
Compatible smartphone size
Height : approx. 125 - 174mm
Width : max. 78mm
Thickness : max. 15mm

Position of holder
You can place the holder on the right / left side of the pole by changing the axis angle with attached hex wrench.
Axis angle can be adjusted by 60 degree each, and the device angle can be adjusted by ball joint.

It holds your smartphone strong enough, but for extra safety, use a lock on the back to prevent it from falling off by strong vibration or shock.
Rubber at four corners also protect it safely and securely.


with Prism Pole
Require only Tetra Grip TG-SH1

with 9mm dia. Pin Pole
Need an adapter (COV9)

with 6mm dia. Pin Pole
Need an adapter (COV69)

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