For 60 years since our establishment in 1959, we have strived to contribute to the development of society by offering our customers a complete range of products with higher quality and services with specific expertise in surveying, civil engineering and construction industries.

In these industries, we are facing a shortage of workforce caused by aging population in Japan and coping with demands of rapid development by emerging countries. To solve these problems, we certainly know that increasing productivity is the key; thus we put emphasis on the customer's perspective, and provide innovative solutions to meet the requirements of our customers. Furthermore, we deal with the customers needs quickly and ethically by holding various sales/purchase channels and production system in and out of Japan.

As a company responsible for world social infrastructure, we will strive as one to provide valuable products and services chronically, to be the best manufacturer & supplier in surveying, civil engineering and construction industries in the future. In conclusion, we would like to take this opportunity to ask all of our customers and partners for continued support and encouragement.


・To contribute to further development of world social infrastructure.
・To create valuable products, excellent quality, and exceptional services.
・To share happiness with all employees, by working with a altruistic and thankful heart.

What we do

Generate a new value and lay the foundation of society