[Creative Kingdom] Myzox creates the universe with our products.All in Development, All in Marketing   Hiroki Mizoguchi
President Hiroki Mizoguchi

MYZOX is one of leading manufacturers for surveying accessories and measuring tools related to construction and civil engineering. We found in 1959 and were the first manufacturer who developed and launched the Aluminium Leveling Staff in the world. Since Myzox established, we have been developing and releasing unique and variety products such as laser products for 20 years more.

We are located in Japan and it is our core market, but we are also expanding into a lot more services at outside of Japan. The world is getting smaller and we set our goals to develop products to meet forgien customers' voices with our Japanese QCD and "MONOZUKURI" mind. We believe our accumulated experiences and overeager "MONOZUKURI" are our core competences and they will also meet each market requirement.

Such as Internet technology make our world close and borderless, there are no borders in Myzox. We will supply our best products and services for our customers and the society with "All in Development and All in Marketing."