1950 Become independent as a Mizoguchi Woodworking Plant from a branch plant of Kotobukiya Woodwork.
1953 Renamed to Mizoguchi Manufacturing Company.
1954 Meter-manufacturing-license acquired from the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
1959 Mizoguchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.
1960 Tokyo branch office was opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
1971 The factory was newly built and relocated to Seto-shi, Aichi.
1978 International Sales division was started.
1983 Headquarters office was newly built and relocated to Nagakute, Aichi.
1985 The Technological Development Center was started.
1990 Company name was changed to Myzox Co., Ltd.
1991 Production in China was started.
1993 Sales of self-developed Surveying CAD System was started.
1994 Production in Taiwan was started.
1997 Myzox Creative Co., Ltd. was established.
Myzox Solution Co., Ltd. was established.
1999 Accreditation of ISO9001 Quality System Certification was acquired.
2001 Set up Support Center.
2002 Set up Fukuoka Office.
2006 Set up Osaka Office.
2008 Set up Tohoku Office.
2013 Production in Vietnam was started.
The factory was relocated to Nagakute and CS center was newly built.
2018 Set up East Japan Logistics Center.
Drone Solution Team (now Research & Sales Team) was started.
2020 Winning Good Design Award 2020:Z-220P Prism.
2021 Set up West Japan Logistics Center.