Privacy Policy

Myzox Co. Ltd. manages all customers informations only for;

  • Reply to all customers question or suggestion for our develpment, production and products.
  • Survey for customers service improvement.
  • Provision of information for maintainance service.
  • For general affair or personnel.

Regarding personal informations, we recognize as very important information which we received from all of customers. In any process, (to receive, use hold and destroy) we are filing properly.
We protect personta information.
We follow the law for managing above informations and keep improving to manage those.

Regarding personal information protection

1. Myzox follows Japanese Private Information Protection law, and manage personal information.
  2.   Before receiving personal information, Myzox will notify a utilizaton purpose, and then receive that information.
information by applicable method.
  3.   Myzox only use personal information for utilization purpose, and place strict controls on that information.
  4.   We might ask customer's cooperation to keep information's nowness, accuracy, protection missing, altering and leakiing.
5. We recognize all of customers have a statutoty right to request to open, revise,
stop to use or delete their information. Then Myzox have immidiate attention when individual customers request to do above.
6. Myzox confirm with customers if our purpose to use infomation is not to be within responable range. In case the customer don't agree the condition, Myzox do not use that information.

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