Who we are

We are the leading manufacturer in world infrastructure development as a top brand of surveying accessories and measuring tools related to construction and civil engineering.

The first manufacturer of Aluminium Leveling Staff

We are the first manufacturer who developed and launched the aluminium leveling staff in the world, and have the largest market share in Japan. Not only staff, but our other original products like prisms and tripods' market share grew to the top as well.

Efficient Integrated Production System

We are an independent manufacturer. We do the complete range of activities from design and manufacturing to sales and after-sales service on our own. We find pleasure and responsibility in creating our original products and selling them by ourselves.

Global Sales Network

We export our products to foreign countries since 1979. It was just a few countries in Europe at first, but now we have a global sales network in more than 50 countries from all over the world. Main customers are distributors of surveying instruments and trading companies who are engaged in hardware tools.

Development of Human Resources

Human resources are one of the most important work in Myzox. Our team members have various training opportunities according to their position and skills to maximize their full potential. In addition, Myzox has a self-development support system for those for who wants to learn and get qualified.

MYZOX PRODUCTS are used in surveying and construction sites around the world.


+ Retailers

Over 5,000 retailers handle our products across the country. With our world class technology and creation, we are a top company of niche market especially in surveying accessories.



Myzox product catalog is published about 100,000 copies annually. It introduces a lineup of more than 4,300 products which are needed in fieldwork focuses especially on surveying and measuring tools.



We have 800 distributors in various sales channel across the country.



We export to over 50 countries. Our products are active in fieldwork across the world and contribute to the development of these countries.
Regions: Europe, the U.S., Australia, Africa and Asia.

Monozukuri mind in Myzox

MYZOX PRODUCTS are created by passion Japanese craftsmanship.

Product Design and Development

Myzox assumes all process of product design and development of accessories for land surveying, civil engineering and construction. Some of parts for design or electric circuit design are done with our cooperative firms, however most of operations are proceeded by ourselves. To react nimbly to market changes, we are developing new product continuously. Also we control our subcontract factories to develop manufacturing technology with our quality standard.

Products improvement and Quality Control

Myzox improves products from small change to full model change or re-design for productivity improvement, adding some extra and cost reduction. Also, we change specifications to meet our OEM customers' requirements and making action of quality control for current products by cooperating with production division. By design change, jig designing and manufacturing technique support, we are putting our efforts into quality improvement and stability.

Protection of intellectual properties for patents, designs and brand

Myzox manages own intellectual properties for patents, designs and brand by ourselves.
We file for many kinds of patents and now hold more than 150 patents.