The First manufacturer of Aluminium Leveling Staff

Myzox is a leading manufacturer of surveying accessories and measuring tools related to surveying, measuring, civil engineering and construction fields. Myzox is the first company to create all aluminium made leveling staff in the world, and also the only manufacturer who have an approval of manufacturing of Precise Leveling Staff autherized by the Geographical Survey Institute in Japan.

Now, Myzox distributes 100,000 General Product Guide to more than 5000 retailers in our domestic sales network every year.
Fueled by overeager mind of "MONOZUKURI" (Japanese craftsmanship) and customers' support, Myzox has kept the largest market share on surveying accessories in Japan.

GLOBAL SALES NETWORK - Meet, feel and gets network

Myzox exports our products to forgien countries since 1979. It was just a few countries to export
started from Europe but now Myzox have a global sales network in more than 50 countries all
over the world. Main customers are a distributor of surveying insturments and trading company
who are engaged in hardware tools.

Changing with time and places, market trends are chaning and world demands are also switching
to other country area such as Asian demands are increasing with their country development. Though
the world gets smaller by internet, Myzox take important on more face to face business with our
customers to catch their requirements and the each market style.

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Myzox is an independent company. Not belonging to any groups means being free of constraints and able to create products with originality from market research, product planning, product design and verifications to sales, including after-sales services. Myzox takes responsibility and delight in creating our own brand products and selling them in complete control from start to finish.

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Myzox is making a strong effort to educate employees. We try to make the whole company more powerful by improving their individual ability and the whole division's through new employee training in particular skill training and strategy training. They will achieve remarkable growth over the next few years.

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1950 Become independent as a Mizoguchi Woodworking Plant from a branch plant of Kotobukiya Woodwork.
  1953   Renamed to Mizoguchi Manufacturing Company.
  1954   Meter-manufacturing-license acquired from the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
  1959   Mizoguchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.
  1960   Tokyo branch office was opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  1971   The factory was newly built and relocated to Seto-shi, Aichi.
  1983   Headquarters office was newly built and relocated to Nagakute-cho, Aichi.
Six companies of venture capitals carried out capital prticipation.
The capital was increased to 150 million yen.
  1985   The Technological Development Center was started.
  1990   Company name was changed to Myzox Co., Ltd.
  1991   Production in China was started.
  1993   Sales of self-developed Surveying CAD System was started.
  1994   Production in Taiwan was started.

Myzox Creative Co., Ltd. was established.
Myzox Solution Co., Ltd. was established.

  1999   Accreditation of ISO9001 Quality System Certificatiion was acquired.
  2001   Set up Support Center.
  2002   Set up Fukuoka Office.
  2006   Set up Osaka Office.
  2008   Set up Tohoku Office.
  2013   Set up CS Center.

Set up East Japan Logistics Center.
Drone Solution Division was started.

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