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Non-Conductive measuring tools
What is  Non-Conductive measuring tool?
Non-conductive measuring pole fits a special situation such as under electric line. It is light weight by thin fiberglass material but it is durable body. A digital type reading of tape measure at the bottom pole can answer the measuring value in one glance. You can measure a height especially for overhead cable without worry for electric shock. Variety choices of pole length from 4m to 12m models meet variety applications and sites. 

1. Auto-counted Fiverglass Measuring Pole (made in Japan) 

2. Fiberglass Compact Ranging Pole (made in Japan)

3. Non Conductive Measuring Tape (made in Japan)

・ Expansion-free fiberglass tape
・ FRP tape with urethane coationg
・ Polycarbonate hook
Insulation : 20kV or over / 10cm
Tape length : 3m
Tape width : 19mm
Thickness : 0.4mm
Weight : 150g

・ Kevlar fiber material for tape
・ Plastic hook
Tape length : 3.5m
Tape width : 19mm
Thickness : 0.4mm
Weight : 115g
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