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Digital Angle Level
DGLV-300 : 300mm
DGLV-400 : 400mm
DGLV-600 : 600mm
DGLV-1000 : 1,000mm

Clear view with green LED display even in the bright sunlight
DIGILEVEL V series show the digit clearly with green LED display, so that you can read the digit not only in the dark, but also in the bright sunlight.

 Built-in magnet & V-gloove 
The V-groove base with strong magnets enables strong attachment over a curve or cylindrical
magnetic surfaces as metal pipeline or shafts.

Water & Dust resistant


High brightness

Battery indicator

0 set



Auto inversion

Please let us know if you are interested in our products. We will be happy to send you the data of images/pictures in this e-news letter to help your sales promotion. 

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