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Digital 0 set Laser Detector / D-RE2 for Rotating Laser
Major features of D-RE2
1.Digital Readout
D-RE2 can display the difference from the desired height numerically. Digital readout brings high work efficiency at site.

2. 0 set Function
D-RE2 can set any height as reference (0 set), and it's efficient when checking level work.
Also, there is no misalignment  when tightening the clamp.

 3. 5 steps Resolution
Resolution is selectable from 5 steps (fine to coarse). Select suitable resolution for every work purpose.

4. Wide Detective Height
Enable to detect laser certainly by 90mm wide detective height, and it brings quickly operations. 

5. High Volume Buzzer
D-RE2 notice detection of laser by high volume buzzer and arrow display. Easy to notice detection even lots of noise. 

6. Water & dust resistance
D-RE2 has IP67 function, and possible to use even in sudden heavy rain or in dusty site.

7. Wide Detection Range
D-RE2 can use with most models of rotating lasers (laser levels) in the market. 
*Detective wavelength : 450 ~ 800nm

[Package Contents]
- Main unit
- Rod clamp
- AA alkaline battery x 1
- Manual

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