RTK Poles

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1. Easy setting
2. Lightweight
3. Built-in circular level

Size Pole Diameter Screw Material Weight Accessory

32mm dia.

W5/8 inch male

Carbon fiber 0.7kg Case

Code No. Product Name Model
224817 Scanner Target Pole / 1.3m STP-130
225031 Replacement Case STP-130-C


Scanner Sphere & Scanner Target Pole & Assist Tripod

3points of combination use


Stable, Fixed Height

 Instead of using bipod, take assist tripod "TRILEGGER" so it can hold the sphere firmly and make stable reference points.
By using several sets of sphere, pole, and assis tripod, prevent the height setting mistakes.




Easy Carrying

 Sphere, pole, assist tripod, all together, they are lightweight (lower than 5kg) so it is easy to carry around in assembled condition and set up at field.


Rapid set-up

 Assist tripod TRILEGGER has two legs with thumb release locks and one leg with a screw lock. The leg heights and level are adjustable with thumb release locks for rapid set-up.