Nail & Markers


1. Easy to drive a nail, but hard to pick out
2. Wide range of use by Special steel

Code No. Model Size Suitable for Packing Country of Origin
122054 NO. 01 D6 x d4 x L25 CONCRETE 100pcs/pack Japan
122055 NO. 1 D9 x d5 x L40 CONCRETE 100pcs/pack Japan
122056 NO. 2 D15 x d7 x L50 ASPHALT 100pcs/pack Japan
122057 NO. R D15 x d7 x L65 ASPHALT 100pcs/pack Japan
122058 NO. 3 D15 x d7 x L75 ASPHALT 100pcs/pack Japan
122059 NO. 4 D20 x d9 x L100 GRAVEL 50pcs/pack Japan
122060 NO. 5 D20 x d9 x L125 GRAVEL 50pcs/pack Japan
122061 NO. 7 D20 x d9 x L200 GRAVEL 50pcs/pack Japan