Prism Poles


1. Securely support prism
2. Non-rust by stainless and high straightness
3. Changeable shoe
4. 4 longer size precision poles are available
5. Un-dropping stopper system on DMP-50 (PAT.P)

Code No. Model Length Diameter Material Accessories Feature
101915 DMP-9 50cm x 3joints 9mm Stainless

Hard case


Standard type/
Changeable shoe
032025 DMP-9MINI 30cm x 5joints 9mm Stainless Soft case Shorter section
101917 DMP-1500 1.5m 9mm Stainless Pipe case Precision type
221487 DMP-1200 1.2m 9mm Stainless Pipe case Precision type
101918 DMP-1000 1.0m 9mm Stainless Pipe case Precision type
101920 DMP-500


9mm Stainless Pipe case Precision type


Optional Accessories for DMP-9

Code No. Model Reference
101919 DMP-50 Shoe / with stopper ring / 5cm
219848 DMP-50F Shoe / Flat / 5cm
219524 DMP-M6 Shoe / Female / 5cm
210003 YS Shoe / Sharp tip / 6cm
222162 DMP-100N Shoe / 10cm
222163 DMP-50N Shoe / 5cm
212820 DMP-C Aluminium case / DMP-9's accessory
215920 DMP-9L 50cm additional pole
215921 DMP-9S 45cm additional pole
215930 DMP-9ML 30cm additional pole
215931 DMP-9MS 25cm additional pole
111117 PC-60 Circular level for DM pin pole / 60'/2mm
218860 RL-40TS Circular level for DM pin pole / 40'/2mm
220477 PC-40L Circular level for DM pin pole / 46'/2mm