Commitment to Craftsmanship

"MONOZUKURI" in Myzox Creative Kingdom.

Enjoy the Process of MONOZUKURI
"MONOZUKURI" = Japanese mind of craftmanship; we can enjoy it when your own concept or dream takes a concrete shape. It brings us a big delight rather than when create something by someone asked you to create. Myzox gets hung up on "Self-development" from zero to a complate product. Myzox is pursuing a genuine "MONOZUKURI".


Product Design and Development

Myzox assumes all process of product design and development of accessories for land surveying, civil engineering work and custruction. Some of parts for design or electoric circuit design are done with our cooperative firms, however most of poerations are proceeded by ourseleves. For react nimbly to market changes, we are developing new product continuously. Also we control our subcontract factories to develop manufacturing technology with our quality standard.
Products improvement and Quality Control

Myzox improves products from small change to full model change or re-design for productivity improvement, adding some extra and cost reduction.
Also, we change specifications to meet our OEM customers' requirements and making action of quality control for current products by cooperating with production division. By design change, jig designing and manufacturing technique support, we are putting our efforts into quality improvement and stability.
Protection of intellectual propeties for patentes, designs and brand

Myzox manages own intellectual propeties for patentes, designs and brand by ourselves. We check over patents before developing new products either violent a patent or not. Even patentable designs, we file for the patent.

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