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OEM / ODM Service
Myzox offers a wide range of surveying equipment, but sometimes you cannot find a product that meet your potential request in our current range.
In that case, we will cooperate with a customer to have a new product in the basis of customer's request as ODM/OEM.

Develop New & Original Products
Myzox will work with customers until the product meets the requests.

Professional & Experienced
 Our strengths are the technical know-how and capabilities we accumulated over our 60-year business history.

Efficient Integrated Production System
We are proud of integrated in-house production system that covers everything from development, design, prototype, verification to mass production.

For your private brand
- Change the color to your brand color
- Add your brand logo on products / case
*MOQ is depending on products.

For your original products
- Specific designed products
- Add new functions
- Making your own moldings     etc.
*MOQ is depending on products.
*Design information should be shared with both under NDA.

Please let us know if you are interested in our products. We will be happy to send you the data of images/pictures in this e-news letter to help your sales promotion. 

Myzox Co., Ltd.   |   401 Yamagoe Nagakute Aichi Japan   |   mail : international@myzox.co.jp

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry or questions.

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